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80 seconds in Toronto: invisible river
12:00 min, 16 mm film and 35 mm slide
installation, loop, colour & b/w, opt. hand made sound
Germany/ Canada 2017

Based on field researches and researches in a local library in Toronto, I filmed specific places in the local environment of Toronto. My focus was not so much on the social or the economic aspect of those areas and its urban landscape, but the geological aspect of it. more>

Hortus Harare
6:00 min, 16 mm, colour & b/w, opt. mono
Spain/ Zimbabwe 2011

In 1979 ended the long and traumatic liberation war of Zimbabwe that took place in the bush. In 1962 the Botanic Garden of Harare was founded as a model of exactly this landscape. The film asks how the Zimbabwean landscape and the war trauma are interrelated. more>

Sebeok's Cat
5:00 min, DVCam, colour & b/w, stereo
Spain 2010

The video relates a semiotic experiment with the biography of the Hungarian scientist and emigrant Thomas Sebeok (1920-2001). Based on his pioneering studies in zoosemiotics the video confronts a cat with its own vocalizations. more>

Caryatid Row
12:15 min, 16 mm, colour & b/w, opt. mono
Czech Republic/ France 2008

Filmed in Prague and at the Unité d'Habitation in Marseille Caryatid Row is a film about people reading in the public space moving through it and transforming it. Reading seems to transport them into another world changing the image of the habitual one. more>

Embassy Morning
6:49 min, 16 mm, b/w, opt. mono
Czech Republic 2007

The short film explores the situation of exterritorial places and national borders as it can be studied in the embassy area Bubeneč in Prague. The Czech capital is home of nations from all over the world and each nation occupies one mini-territory in a garden town looking idyllic and peaceful. more>

14:00 min, 16 mm, b/w, opt. mono
Czech Republic 2006

"Nightwalk" (original title: Noční Procházka) was filmed on a nocturnal circle walk around the city of Prague. It tries to understand a city by its urban surroundings, by its psychogeography and by aspects of the Other and Non-human. more>

2:00 min, 16 mm, b/w, silent
Spain 2006

This film reflects on the act and inner motif of observing long distance objects as they may be represented by an urban landscape seen from the top of a mountain or by the stars seen from an observatory. more>

Not to Go and Not to Stay
5:00 min, 16 mm, colour & b/w, opt. mono
Germany/ Czech Republic 2005

"Not to Go and Not to Stay" is a short film about an inner conflict of enforced voyage or migration, about the contradictory wish to stay at place and leave it at the same time. The film is based on a dream noted by Franz Kafka ... more>

A Lost Film about Hoorn and H.
5:00 min, Mini DV, colour, stereo
Germany/ The Netherlands 2005

The film tries to reconstruct a destroyed research on the city of Hoorn and its colonial past. It is a film about a double loss. The first loss is a loss of meaning, which obviously cannot be provided by archival images, which the original film research used. more>

Le Mans
9:30 min, 16 mm, colour & b/w, opt. mono
Germany/ France 2003

An experimental film about the ambient sensation of fear and elation experienced during the loneliness of a night race. Original footages of the "24 Hours of Le Mans" are associated with pictures of Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic airplane "The Spirit of St. Louis" and ... more>

Tunnel Žižkov
1:30 min, 16 mm, b/w, silent
Czech Republic 2001

Tunnel Žižkov is a short filmic study about cinematic vision photographed in a pedestrian tunnel in Prague. Tunnels likewise as bridges are architectonic constructions which create a connection and establish an access. more>

City Wind
16 min., 8 mm, b/w, silent
Czech Republic 2001

A short documentary about waiting people at various tram stops in Prague. Public transport stops are places of reduced velocity, pauses and at the same time they offer a platform for all the minimalistic movements of people waiting inmidst the unremitting movements of the surrounding traffic of the city. more>

The Next Village
6:00 min, S-VHS, b/w, silent
Germany/ Czech Republic 1999

The next village is based on the same-titled novel by Franz Kafka showing a continuous tracking shot through various villages in Southern Bohemia at night time. Space becomes time, real becomes surreal, documentary becomes fiction. more>

Five Studies on Beckett's Film
5:30 min, S8 mm, b/w, silent
Germany 2002

The 5 studies are an attempt to approach and explore Beckett’s filmic experiment. Beckett's Film is based on a thesis by the philosopher Berkeley stating that there can be no world outside of our perception. Beckett tries to create such an outside world by means, which immanently belong to the vision of film. more>

Karl Valentin, Hunger Artist
11:00 min, animation, Mini DV, b/w, stereo
Germany 2002

Karl Valentin, Hunger Arstist offers a short introduction to the work of the renowned comedian from Munich, whose anarchistic language art and absurd slapsticks influenced young Bertolt Brecht and impressed Samuel Beckett as well. more>

The Afternoon of an Ideal
6:00 min, 16 mm, b/w, silent
Czech Republic 2002

A performance film about the relation of idealism and pragmatism, ideal and desire produced in the panorama restaurant on top of the television tower in Prague. more>

Dance of the Rolls
1:20 min, 16 mm, b/w, silent
Czech Republic 2001

Dance of the rolls is the remake of a performance by Charlie Chaplin in his movie Goldrush (USA 1925). The remake changes fore- and background (financial paper, czech rolls, photo of an empty flag, white shirt), focuses only the "roll-dancing" hands ... more>

15:00 min., animation, S-VHS, b/w, silent
Germany 1998

The animation film D.U.E.R.E.R. explores the interrelation between analog and digital, world and model, image and language with a special focus on transcription errors. An image is dissected into a grid of images, which are translated into language codes and these reciprocally back into image codes. more>