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Sebeok's Cat

The video relates a semiotic experiment with the biography of the Hungarian scientist and emigrant Thomas Sebeok (1920-2001). Based on his pioneering studies in zoosemiotics the video confronts a cat with its own vocalizations. Thomas Sebeok, a semiotician from Budapest emigrated to America leaving behind his native language and cultural background. This loss and the alienation that every emigrant has to experience possibly may have caused Sebeok’s interest in an equally isolated and parallel world as it is represented by animal communication and thus it may be considered as a metapher for his own situation bridging the gap between the lost and the regained.


Length: 5:00 min.
Format: DVCam
Colour + black & white
Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound: stereo
Language: Spanish

Country/ Year
Spain 2010

Andreas Wutz

Fundación Cristina Enea, Donostia - San Sebastian

Director: Andreas Wutz
Script, photography, editing, animation, sounddesign: Andreas Wutz

see production

University of California San Diego