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Five Studies on Beckett's Film

The 5 studies are an attempt to approach and explore Beckett’s filmic experiment. Beckett's Film* is based on a thesis by the philosopher Berkeley stating that there can be no world outside of our perception. Beckett tries to create such an outside world by means, which immanently belong to the vision of film. For that purpose he splits the point of view into the subjektive perspective of his main figure called O and into the outside perspective of the camera eye called E. While E persues O and tries to catch a view of his face, O undertakes all for not being perceived neither by E nor by himself.

(*Film, USA 1965, 22 min., director: Alan Schneider, script: Samuel Beckett, camera: Joe Coffey, actor: Buster Keaton)

Length: 5:30 min.
Shooting format: S8 mm
Screening format: digital
Black & white
Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound: silent

Country/ Year
Germany 2002

Andreas Wutz

Director: Andreas Wutz
Script, photography, editing: Andreas Wutz
Performers: Ralph Böhm (Object O), Andreas Wutz (Eye E)

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