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The animation film D.U.E.R.E.R. explores the interrelation between analog and digital, world and model, image and language with a special focus on transcription errors. An image is dissected into a grid of images, which are translated into language codes and these reciprocally back into image codes. A copy of the woodcut "The drawer and his model" by Albrecht Durer is dissected by the same method which the woodcut is presenting. Each segment is translated into an image description written on a postcard that is sent to a letter friend, who replies by a drawing of the descripted image. Thus the film D.U.E.R.E.R. gives an example for the process of importing and exporting of datas, which finally result in the illegibility of the reinterpreted image. At the same the film becomes a potrait of the author and his letter friend as their assosociations of words and images may reflect their different professional background and ethno-geographical context.


Length: 10:00 min.
Shooting format: S-VHS
Screening format: digital
Black & white
Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound: silent

Country/ Year
Germany/ Czech Republic 1999

Andreas Wutz

Culture Department of the City of Munich

Director: Andreas Wutz
Script, photography, editing: Andreas Wutz

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