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Dance of the Rolls

Dance of the rolls is the remake of a performance by Charlie Chaplin in his movie Goldrush (USA 1925). An unlucky and hungry prospector (even eating his boots) dreams of a dance hall girl, whom he has fallen in love with. In this dream he entertains her by sticking two forks in two french rolls and then performs an pantomime dance with the rolls. The remake changes fore- and background (financial paper, czech rolls, photo of an empty flag, white shirt), focuses only the "roll-dancing" hands, accelerates the filming speed and transforms the whole movie by using stop motion technique into a animation film. – Heike Ander

Length: 1:30 min.
Format: 16 mm
Black & white
Ratio: 1.37:1
Sound: silent
Language: no dialogues

Country/ Year
Czech Republic 2001

Andreas Wutz

Director, performer: Andreas Wutz
Photography, editing: Andreas Wutz

Kunstverein Munich

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