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The Scattered Chamber
Multimedia installation at Kunstraum Balanstrasse 21, Munich 1998

The Scattered Chamber investigates the psychotopology of specific urban spaces and situations, which have generated, by the expansion of the private sphere, a diverse, heterogene and displaced form of architecture. The installation assembles images of public and semi-public spaces that are latently filled with privateness, as well as images of media worlds or computer games that may represent virtual homes. According to these specific qualities the images are presented either as a rotating slide projection, an animation film or a silkscreen print. Each of the media refers to the dissolution of the private space and its transformation into a network of discplaced and scattered forms of temporary living spaces.

Installation elements:

Wooden model of showcase, videomonitor.
D.U.R.E.R., Animation film, based on Draughtsman Drawing a Recumbent Woman, woodcut by Albrecht Dürer.
Photomontage based on early promotional photo of Marlene Dietrich.
Rotating Photo slide projection of an attic situation.
Photographic prints depicting different home-like situations in public space.
Silkscreen on silken nightdress representing a floor plan of the last apartment of Marlene Dietrich as drawn by herself and published in her autobiography.
Section drawing of a house quoting "A map of the Intimate does not exist" from: The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard.